Asbestos Removal – What You Need to Know!

Asbestos truly is the silent killer. You cannot tell if your home contains the substance by just looking. You may think your home is free of it, but you could be wrong. Exposure can lead to severe illness. It is no secret. Commercials and social media explode daily with asbestos horror stories that detail its dangers. The question remains – What do you need to know to stay safe?

Asbestos Testing Is the Only Way to Find Asbestos

Asbestos could be inside and outside your home. It was used in many construction materials in the past and even today, some still contain this mineral. The only way to know for sure if you are safe is with a home asbestos test or inspection. A professional asbestos removal company will administer the inspection and test. If asbestos is present, it will need to be removed.

Asbestos Must be Removed by a Professional

Never try to remove asbestos yourself. Special equipment and suits are used to safely remove and dispose of the hazardous building materials. The fibers are very small and can travel from one room to the next through the air and on your clothing. The only safe way to remove asbestos is through a professional. They will be able to remove every fiber from your home, allowing you to return home safely.

Once Exposed, it Could be Years till You Have Symptoms

Asbestos isn’t like allergies. You aren’t affected immediately. Instead, it can be decades before you see any symptoms. Asbestos causes severe respiratory problems, including cancer. If you believe you have been exposed, it is important to see a doctor and have your home checked.

If your home does have asbestos, it is important to have the asbestos removed as soon as possible. If you cannot, you should stay elsewhere until the danger can be removed and always use an asbestos removal company.

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